My professional experiences

Lead Mobile Application Architect, Team Project Leader
European External Action Service
October 2012 – Present (
1 year 3 months
) Brussels, Belgium

CHATTERJEE ALEXANDRE Entreprise Individuelle
October 2012 – Present (
1 year 3 months
) Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Mobile Application Expert
Eurostat via Atos International
January 2011 – October 2012 (1 year 10 months) Luxembourg, Luxembourg
The office of European Statistics, EUROSTAT, needed an external consultant specialized in handheld devices; their purpose is to create a mobile platform that would help user to get information that are fit to be seen on their smaller screens.Based on that information, I had to architect and program the entire MobDev project, which means planning the network structures (Servers & Database), the optimized and secure way to communicate between different inherited DB and server structures from Eurostat.So I start to create a web application based on a LAMP server that could give the information as fast as possible.Once this was done, I started to create the iOS & Android embedded app projects in order for the end user to have more option and not being constantly connected over the internet (the data are stored over SQLite3 DB on the devices).Some complexity came in the project, like updating those devices at certain time of the day (in order not to lose bandwidth or having Dos attack on our servers via updating), the creation of dynamical graphic content and the tethered installation of the app to beta testers; for the later I created an internal app sharing platform that allow the user to install the signed apps on their devices by themselves, even with non jailbroken devices.This project is great as it pushed my programming skills in hand held devices further (I learned Open GL ES & SVG) as well as to architect an entire Open Source solution that has to interact with other software (i.e.: PHP connecting with Oracle)
  • Country Profile iOS Universal Application: Download
  • Android Application: Download

Web programmer & designer
Studio Capsula
December 2011 – January 2012 (2 months)Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Designing the web page
  • Programming [HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP]
  • Installing [FTP, Apache, PHP]

Website developper and administrator
F.C.F.S. Luxembourg
November 2011 – December 2011 (2 months) Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  • Designing the web page
  • Programming [HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP]
  • Installing [FTP, Apache, PHP]

iOS application programmer and administrator
The Skouras Agency
July 2011 until today (6 months overall work) Greater Los Angeles Area
  • Designing the application
  • Smart updates [SQLITE3, cloud computing]
  • Universal iOS
  • Administrating the application on Appstore [business license, application acceptance]
  • In app mail sending [MessageUI framework]
  • In app GPS localization [GPS Core location, MapKit framework]
  • Orientation enabled [hardware accelerometer]
  • Ability to play videos with standard controls from selected artist via the WireDrive web service
The goal of the project was to mimic the website of the Skouras Agency into a universal app.
The website produce names of people that are working in the film industry and categories them by their work titles (cinematographers, production designers, editors, producers).Upon clicking on a name, the user might have access to the author’s resume, his webpage, and professional and personal reels.The iOS application has also the extra ability to position the user on a map with the Skouras Agency being highlighted on it. Users have also the possibility to send a mail directly from their application to some of the administrators of the Agency.

The Skouras Agency iOS universal Application: Download

External Computer Consultant
3D live flix
March 2011 – May 2011 (3 months) Mexico City Area, Mexico
A film company asked me to optimize their 3D rendering software; it has the ability to “turn” 2D films into 3D films.
Coroletion between definition and depth were one of the biggest challenges.As the software is still patent pending, there is not much to say about it.

Web programmer, designer and administrator
Intercorp S.A. Luxembourg
October 2010 – January 2011 (4 months) Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  • Designing & programming the web page
  • Programming [HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP]
  • Installing [FTP, Apache, PHP]
  • Finding the best Server provider in Luxembourg

Technical director
July 2009 – January 2011 (1 year 7 months) Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  • Installation, configuration, production and maintenance of UNIX servers [Web, SVN, MySQL, FMS, Asterisk]
  • Bug-tracking, logging and updating the network [security, scalability]
  • Installing [FTP, Apache, PHP]
  • Finding the best Server provider in Luxembourg
Computer Science
  • iPhone applications programming (use of Objectif-C, Xcode 3, Interface Builder, XML, SQLITE3), that take into account real-time problematic [GPS localization, chat applications]. Those applications were available also via a normal web interface [cloud computing]
  • Android software programming (using Java Under Eclipse, XML, SQL). The applications were a duplicate of those that were produced for the iPhone.
  • Web programming [JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, CSS & DHTML, XML, FLASH CS5 with Action Script 3.0]
  • Project management (Creating the terms of reference document, SRS, STD, GANTT, MS Project)
  • Managing a small IT team
  • Knowledge of managing the iPhone applications on the App store
  • Knowledge of managing the Androïd application on the Androïd market
  • Seeking customers in Luxembourg
This was my first official position after my Engineering graduation. As the company was small, the owners gave me the opportunity to take the Technical Director seat; the first months were hard as I had to establish from scratch all the IT structure (from installing the servers and configuring them to find and compare data center prices in Luxembourg, and of course managing for the first an IT team and programming as well as them different applications).This work, even if it was very strenuous at time and caused a lot of stress for I had to learn everything about managing people, was very rewarding after 8 months : it gave me more insight as how an IT team should work, as well as what kind of stress can be subjected the upper management.After a year, I resigned in order to pursue things that were less focus on managing people and more in the scope technical work (computer science and telecommunication).

Web programmer & designer
IB Remarketing Beijing China
February 2009 – April 2009 (3 months) Paris Area, France
Programming a multilingual web interface for the site of Ib Remarketing:
  • Use of JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, CSS & DHTML
  • Created a secured administrator interface (use of cookies, MD5 hash) that allows changing the content and the appearance of the entire public site using integrated tools.XML files manipulation via AJAX

Web programmer & designer
McDonald France / Airtag
August 2008 – December 2008 (5 months) Ljubljana, Slovenia
Cross browsing programming for main McDonald’s website
  • Cross browsing JavaScript, PHP, CSS & DHTML programming & testing
  • Creating an SRS and STD for the project
  • Use of MySQL in the PHP script
  • Use of subversion
  • Embedded a Google map in the website using the Google Earth API
Website for McDonald’s iPhone website
  • Learned how to use the WebKit used by the iPhone Safari browser
  • Optimized main McDonald’s firmware so that the mobile version works faster (content bandwidth optimization)
This project was achieved under tight schedules and many surprise dead lines. It made me realize that I couldquickly master new languages and their specification.

Computer Science Engineer
Airbus / SAGEM Security and Defense / Altran Security and Defense
May 2007 – February 2008 (10 months) Paris
GADIRS A400M project, clients being AIRBUS/SAGEM:
  • Script coding for the GADIRU GPS unit
  • Laboratory testing of the GADIRU unit
  • Post treatment software written in SciLab
DioRem project, client being SAGEM:
  • Experience in Creating the SRS and STD of the project
  • UML diagram creation
  • C++ programming (using Eclipse with C++ plug-in)
  • Internal web designing (HTML, CSS and PHP)
  • Getting to know the Debian 4.0 Etch environment
This was my first most important work experience: for 8 months, I had the opportunity to work on two very different types of projects and finish entirely the second one. It has thought me how to put theory into practice and work with large group of people.I finished my internship with a high mark of 17/20.

Programming Consultant
Reuters Financial Software
July 2006 – August 2006 (2 months) Paris Area, France
Kondor + project
  • C / C++ industrial experience
  • Used a Sybase database
  • An introduction to the financial world was given to me
Learned to work in a team and to work under deadline pressure