Welcome to Alexander Chatterjee's website

Born in Singapore, I lived my first years under multicultural skies - my mom is Slovenian and my father is Indian. After traveling with my parents around the world, my family settled in Paris when I was ten and that's where I spent most of my next 15 years. I have always had a keen mind for logical games and an interest for science in general. Under the influence of my father, also an engineer (as was his father), I started programming at the age of 15.

After finishing French Mathematical Prepa I joined the Institut Supérieur d'Electronique de Paris (I.S.E.P), where I studied Computer Science and Telecommunications; I obtained as a valedictorian a Master in Telecommunications & Computer Sciences in 2009 from this school.

During the vacations that preceded my Master’s Degree, I started my professional career as a C/C++ developer intern at Reuters Financial Software and at Airbus, where I also worked as web developer.
During the 6 months Erasmus stay in Slovenia, in 2008, I started to work on web projects for some major brands (McDonald France, AirTag). I quickly realised that overspecialising in languages that are platform-dependent was not the future of computer science as it chained the user to their hardware.
When I was working on the McPass project, the client (McDonald’s) gave me an, at the time brand new, gadget, an iPhone, and asked me to create a page that fits the device.
After this professional experience I returned to my studies, but I also started to learn how to program directly on this small device and felt it was the future of computer science and communications.

With my Master’s Degree in my pocket, I found a job in an innovative start-up company, Dream Cell, located in Luxembourg. I had to create the project from scratch, manage 20 people, meet the investors, consult the market about the newest technologies, learn the new frameworks that came out… it was a very demanding and yet rewarding position, bringing a lot of experience.

After one year, the company was sold with its intellectual property, so I looked for a new job and found one at Eurostat. I was happy to once again create the whole project from scratch, but this time including some IT heritage (NavTree databases). I imagined and architected the whole MobDev project: Eurostat’s mobile interface, be it directly on your device or via your mobile web browser.
This job was great as it demanded that I am, at the same time, an IT Architect (writing white papers, creating the whole project…), a Business Analyst (listening to the state of the art on the market and preview what’s the best next move to make), a Consultant (listening and advising the final client by organizing weekly IT meetings) and a Developer.

Currently, I’m working as a Mobile Application Architect for the European External Action Service, European Commission. My tasks go from writing the vision document of a project, providing technical expertise on different mobile-driven problematics (Networking, Data Security) to programming whole applications for different types of platforms; right now, I am coding for iOS and WP8 handheld devices.

Being surrounded by mobile devices, I’m always trying to learn new technical skills in my spare time (right now learning how to write WebGL and OpenGL) in order to optimise my knowledge in mobile software. I’m also specialising on network security and cryptographic methods.

But that’s not the only side of me. I am also a web developer and a good OO programmer (C++, JAVA), even if lately I have specialized in Objective-C with the iOS Cocoa framework.

On a personal side note, I am a person that craves for learning human languages (I speak fluently French, English and Slovenian, have good knowledge of German) and loves travelling and discovering new cultures; that’s why working for the EEAS is a huge benefit for me.
I live currently between Luxembourg and Brussels, and like to hop around the world from time to time.
But what I really like in my core is to read scientific books and immortalize the passing life that is around us via snapshots.