Since I'm a kid, I wanted to know how things worked, how cogs were interlaced to make a clockwork or simply how to repair and upgrade any contraptions; as it was the dawn of the internet, I became a Telecommunication and Computer Science Engineer.


So many ideas pop in my brain everyday - some are good, a few useful, most of them just fantasies.
Making a selection of the useful ones, I always try to transform them into viable business concepts, so they can help consumers.


RPGs, Anime, Comics, Mangas, Video Games, Science Fiction ... these are some of my favorite pastimes. I grew up watching masterpieces like Princess Mononoke or Cowboy Beebop, I think that LucasArts early Adventure games are still great and Frank Herbert's Dune is still on my top-10 list.
At the end of the day, I'd describe myself as a Sociable Geek.


Since I was born I have been travelling around the world (born in Singapore, in India by 4, the US by 6 and France by 10).
I spend a week per month travelling for business or leisure. I love to go around, discover new horizons, meet new faces and understand their daily life, always trying to compare the pros and cons with back home.


Starting a journey and knowing how you'll get to a destination is for tourists. I prefer hopping on a motorcycle, having set only the final destination and seeing how I will get there on the go. I like to travel, but I love to discover and let Miss Fortune bring me new encounters that could never happen if I was part of a touristic circuit. The same goes for work: I rather learn a new skill on a project that learn it from a book!


Being brought up in a Slavic and Indian family was a guarantee for a broader view of the world.
This gift grew stronger as I got older, making me even more eager to discover new cultures and happy to stop in different regions of the world for a while.
This is why I'm able to communicate fluently in 4 languages (English, French, Slovenian and Serbian) and can order food in 2 others (German and Russian).


I love to learn new things, acquire new skills and techniques. If I don't understand something, I'll try to read about it and learn every aspect of it.


I am currently attending an Executive MBA at ESADE in Barcelona and will graduate from it in March 2017.
I already have an Engineering degree from ISEP, Paris, in Telecommunication and Computer Science.


I joined a photograpy club at the age of 13 and spent 5 years shooting, developping and enlarging black and white pictures.
As technology brought digital cameras, I slowly converted and started to take pictures of my travels.
Soon you'll be able to see some of them from this website.


Since 2009 I am developing, learning and exchanging on the subject of mobile technology. I'm working in this industry for the last 7 years, learning new techniques and programmation languages.
I used to work for startups and for 4 years I was a consultant for the European Commission in Luxembourg and in Brussels.

Interested in my skills?